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Flexefelina, S.A. goal is to provide total customer satisfaction with flexibility
and productive capacity in order to satisfy higher levels of demand.
Our core business is the manufacturing of steel and aluminium tubes as
well as profiles with the best quality and specificity of the market through
modern machinery and a skilled team with more than 30 years’ experience.


Production of welded tubes and profiles

Saw bladder sharpening

Longitudinal and transverse coil cut

Flexefelina S.A. has the necessary knowledge and technology to fully
satisfy its customers in 2-3 weeks lead time, either under demand of
existent products or in exceptional requirements that may be needed.
Advanced requirements cover the following clients’ needs:
• Lengths of tubes/profiles from 3 to 12 meters.
• Design and development of tools in 3D software for specific tubes and
profiles, at the client discretion.




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Avenida do Emigrante, 1521
4770-060, Bente


252 980 100

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